Produced water treatment technologies

When hydrocarbons are produced, they are brought to the surface as a produced fluid mixture. The composition of this produced fluid is dependent on whether crude oil or natural gas is being produced and generally includes a mixture of either liquid or gaseous hydrocarbons, produced water, dissolved or suspended solids, produced solids such as sand or silt, and injected fluids and additives that may have been placed in the formation as a result of exploration and production activities.
This formation of water is also referred to as produced water. It shares some of the same properties as produced water from oil or conventional gas production, but may be quite different in composition.

The major constituents of concern in produced water are:

    •   Salt content (salinity, total dissolved solids, electrical conductivity)

    •   Oil and grease (this is a measure of the organic chemical compounds)

    •   Various inorganic and organic compounds

    •   Hydrogen sulfide, etc.

Cooperating with world-leading companies, we offer our customers an entire solution for produced water treatment, which can include the broadest range of filtration and separation technologies:

    •   solids separation

    •   primary, secondary and tertiary oily water separation

    •   advanced treatment

    •   solids handling

    •   oil and waste recovery

    •   gas separation

    •   desalination

    •   membrane technology

Our specialists will help our customers choose the most suitable and cost-effective technology for their needs. The selection will be base to end use of treated water:

    •   re-injection

    •   re-use as technical water

    •   irrigation

    •   directly to sea

Produced water treatment line and equipment