About Us

BT Texno Servis MMC is environmental, waste management and Consultancy Company in Azerbaijan, offer clean up services in fields of oil polluted soil and wastewater with long experience in international cooperation. BT Texno Servis MMC provides innovative and field-tested technologies, small-scale field pilot testing and full-scale remediation services, environmental researches, localization and remediation of soil and groundwater contamination. For assuring effectiveness, sustainability and environmentally friendliness in project conduction the BT Texno Servis MMC has established close cooperation with contract partners and other consultancy companies.
BT Texno Service company has a license for the Utilization of Hazardous Waste by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Our Mission

BT TexnoServis is located in Baku, Azerbaijan. About 300,000,000 m2 of land, including soils and lakes, are contaminated with oil around Baku on the Absheron Peninsula. 28,000,000 of which belong to highly polluted areas. Our mission is to develop effective methods for treating both the soil and water.





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